Samantha by Frank / Me, Dad, Grandma, and rest of family

I still remember the day I got Samantha. She was a Rottweiler/wolf mix. I got her off my uncle. We had a rough time with her as a puppy, but hey aren’t all puppies the same. Well she grew older and she got used to everyone… even my uncle Kipper out front of us. Samantha would always go over there and see him and my cousins… Ashley, Jayme, Justin. She would run loose, but she wouldn’t go anywhere where
we couldn’t see her.

If I couldn’t see her or find her I knew were she would be over to Kips house. I also remember the day she died I will never forget that day. Samantha would run free as usal… well one day on a hot summer day.. Samantha went to lay on our sidewalk in front of our house to cool down from the heat. Well our house is near traffic and it was busy that day. I knew where she was and I was inside my dad’s garage with him helping him. Then I heard a noise sounded like car tires screeching. As I ran out I saw Samantha outside laying there bleeding. Someone had hit her and never even stopped.

Samantha never hurt anyone who would want to pull up along a sidewalk and kill an innocent animal. As my dad took her to the vet’s office Samantha had already died awhile back. I cried for days missing her so much. I will never forget her for as long as I live. Now I have a new Rottweiler named Sam after her.
But my new Sam will never
take her place. EVER!


In Loving Memory,