Samantha by Karen / Mom

Sam just appeared in our neighborhood back in 1987. After checking everybody out, she chose our home to be her home, along with the seven kittens she was pregnant with. I had always been a dog person,
so a cat was new to me.

Sam became my companion and friend, especially after her daughter, Cubbie died. She wanted to be in my lap as much as possible.

The last several months she began to lose weight and she pawed at her mouth after she ate. A trip to the vet, thinking she had a bad tooth, found squamous cell carcinoma. Watching my little girl’s health deteriorate was so painful. She got to the point she couldn’t eat or drink, and her breathing was labored. We decided on 10/13/03
to release her from her pain.

She was my faithful friend for 17 years and
I am so thankful she chose me to be
her Mom, friend and companion.


With all my love,