Samantha by LeClair


" Samantha "

{ Sammy }

Dec. 7 1988 ----- Oct. 31 1998



Samantha my darling Sammy you were truly sent to me from above,

What a priceless gift you were a gift given out of love,

You were my companion through lonely nights and pain,

Through all the many seasons be it sunshine snow or rain,

Your cheerful happy spirit truly lifted me,

And helped me to see through your eyes all the wonderful things that be,

You’ve left me with so many wonderful Memories,

>From car rides and long walks to our frolicking amongst the leaves,

I am forever thankful for your friendship and unconditional love,

And will smile at your remembrance and know that you have returned to the

angels above,

Your passing from this world has torn away a piece of my heart,

But I know our souls are forever connected,

And we truly shall never part.


I love you & miss you terribly.


(Crystal Leclair)