Sammi by Mary Osler / Mommy

My husband & I were looking to adopt a kitten, so we went to a local pet shop in search of the “purrfect” pet. As we looked at the kittens they had to offer we found ourselves looking at a little snippet of a tabby cat. After watching the kittens interact with each other we decided that this was definantly the one we were looking for, she was full of energy & was very playful. Sammi was given her name because as we returned to our car & started to drive home a Sammy Hagar tune began to play on the radio & she seemed to enjoy it!

Thus our lives with Sammi began. For five years she was my constant companion & never asked for anything in return. She was there for me whenever I needed her, always ready to cuddle or give me one of her reassuring purrs. She also loved to annoy Aunt Kay , who loved to work on Plastic Canvas projects, by suddenly appearing out of nowhere to tug at the yarn & scare the dickens out of her! Another favorite thing to do to annoy Aunt Kay, was to constantly search in her purse for gum. My sister could not leave her purse unattended, for we would find Sammi happily “digging” away to find her “prize”. Sadly in January of 2001 Sammi’s beloved Aunt Kay passed away, and as always, my “baby girl” was there for me. She would come up to me as I was crying, just to let me know she was there, and to look into my eyes as if to say ” It’s ok Mom, I loved her too”.

After my sister had passed away I got hurt at work, resulting in my getting a very serious infection in my foot & needing to be hospitalized. I was in the hospital for 2 and a half weeks, nearly losing my foot. On the first of August I returned home to my beloved Sammi, and as usual there she was with her big green eyes looking at me to say ” It’s Ok Mom, I’m here for you”. But sadly my girl was in the last hours of her life. I noticed that she just wasnt herself that evening, and she seemed to be in great pain. She was struggling to get her breath, so I immediately called our local emergency vet hospital to let them know I was bringing her in.

When the doctor examined her they found through x-rays that her heart was enlarged to 4 times its normal size & her chest was filling up with fluids. They told me they had drained it, but in five minutes it was already beginning to fill up again. I was given the option of trying medication, but I thought to myself, why should I try to prolong her life when she was in so much pain. So sadly I had to let them put her down. I held my precious girl in my arms, while she looked at me once again as if to say, “It’s Ok Mom, I just wanted to be here for you when you came home”. Sammi, my precious girl, I hope you’ll still be waiting for me
when I come “home”.


Loving You Always & Forever ,
Mary Osler