Sammie by Mark, Katie, Andrea, Brian / Mom

God truly shared one of his best creations with us the day I found you alone, starving and with mange. I nursed you back to health and you have been by my side for 14 years. You have seen the addition of children who you fiercly protected.

Endured the breaking in period of new dogs to the pack, who you trained to the ways of the house. You were a constant presence and never a problem. I miss you being behind me every room I move to. I miss comforting you when it storms. I miss your little kisses on my nose. But as much as I miss you, I am glad your pain has ended and you are barking at all the calves and chasing the bunnies faster than the wind. I miss my “Scooterbug” and
you will always be in my heart.


29, May 2003
Mark, Katie, Andrea, Brian