Hi Sammy,

It has been awhile since I wrote a tribute to you and today is your anniversary, not a day has passed that I do not think of you my Sam and daddy will never forget.

I remember the first day when we met my sweet boy, you were so thin and hungry and I could sense the unhappiness in you when you popped into our garden trying to go over to the neighbour’s garden. I managed to pick up a dish of cooked white fish and placed it onto the decking but you tried to run from me but your hunger soon led you to the food. After that everything was history and you started to visit everyday and finally accepted us as your forever family. We tried asking around hoping to find your previous family but to no avail. I reckon the people who had you previously¬† must have left you to fend for yourself. You soon became our darling cat and brought us so much happiness and laughter. I love you Sammy and thak you for the joy and happiness that you brought into our home and daddy will never ever forget.

Forever in our hearts my sweet Sammy.