Sammy by Kate / Mommy

On my gray days – you are my sunshine.
The light that warms my cheek,
At times allowing me to embrace life with a smile.

On cloudy days – you are my rain,
Watering all living things on earth –
giving them the energy and strength
to grow tall and strong.
Cleansing my soul just
as the tears that have so
often run down my face.

On my dark nights – you are the moon
Shining brightly – too far away to touch
Just as memories of you stay close to my heart –
even after you left my line of vision.

On stormy nights – you are my beacon –
like the stars in the sky
Standing tall and strong,
Beckoning me to mine deep beneath the pain and sorrow
to uncover those gifts of life and love you left behind.

In the still of the afternoon – you are my gentle breeze,
Brushing against my face – whispering secrets,
Reminding me of the soft kisses and cuddles
we always shared.

As the sun sets – I look towards the sky –
praying you are doing the same.
Sending prayer through candle light,
Looking for signs or confirmation,

Knowing only one thing is certain,

I love you.
A million miles to that moon and back,
In a million ways,
At a million moments,
Forever and for always.

Thank you for being my sun,
my moon,
my stars.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom about
living and loving.

Thank you for sharing your life,
however brief with me.

I am honored.

I love you.


Forever and for always,
a million miles to the moon and back,
1, July 2003