Sampson by Kevin Coughlin / Kevin Coughlin

Bye My Lil Puppy

Bye My Lil Puppy, I miss you everyday
I miss your bark, your loyalty, and the time we had to play.

I miss your warmth sleeping at my feet,
I miss giving you your doggy treat.

I miss our walks, I miss our talks,
I miss the sound of your running feet.

Bye My Lil Puppy, I loved you everyday
You never wore a collar; you were special in that way

I remember our last day, you never left my side
I figured something was wrong, but you did not go and hide.

Then when evening came, the pain came as well
I put you to bed one last time to hear that morning bell

I didn’t sleep a wink that night knowing what was to come.
I hugged my lil puppy tighter than I‘ve hugged anyone.

When the morning alarm went off, I cried as I got dressed
You stepped up into the truck
I could tell you were so stressed.

As we took the ride, you licked the tears
as they ran down upon my face.
As I looked at you it pained me so,
but I would see that you die with grace.

When the Doctor asked if I was ready, I quickly shouted NO
But I said, it would be selfish of me, if I didn’t let him go

As he stuck the needle in, I held my puppy fast
I felt his big old head drop, his life left us at last.

I know he’s in a better place and doesn’t suffer anymore. It doesn’t seem to help me tho I miss him more and more

There’s not a day I wish and pray I’ll see him once again.
I hope to pick him up at Rainbow Bridge
when God calls me home to him.

Author: Kevin Coughlin – 5/29/2008

Copyright 2008


Thank You for your gift of love and loyalty,
29, May 2008
Kevin Coughlin