Sampson by Stephanie Nicole Nicely / Stephanie

In early January we had to take sam to the vet because he wasn’t able to keep his food down. When we took him they didn’t know what was wrong with him, so they took some kind of tests and that we would get the results back in a couple days. About four days later, they called and said he had cancer in his throat and in his stomach; which was the reason he couldn’t keep his food down. Then they told us that he probably wouldn’t be able to live no longer than two more months. We cried for about three days straight.

Then about two weeks later, they called again and said that he also has whip worm. We weren’t able to afford the chemo and it would cost more than two hundred dollars and month for six months to get rid of it, and we couldn’t afford that either. About five weeks later, I went down to Kentucky with some of my friends for the weekend and when I got back to Indiana, my parents told me they had to put him to sleep because he couldn’t breathe very well and he was having trouble getting around. I wasn’t even there to say good-bye.
Now I wish I would have stayed home with him.


I love you Sampson,
Stephanie Nicole Nicely