Samson by Robert Moon /

Samson was a white Lab. When he was young he was of course very hyper, loving, and quick. He started scratching heavily around a year old. He would scratch until he bled and his hair would fall out in clumps. We took him to the vet and they tested him for allergies. He was allergic to everything. Every kind of grass, tree, flea, you name it. He was even allergic to potatoes…

We got the allergies under control with shots. He finally outgrew them at around age 6. He started to slow down alot. He gained weight and we attempted to diet and exercise. Sinflex was added to his food once a day for the strain the weight put on his joints.
We have 2 other dogs and toward the end of his life he would have nothing to do with them. No playing. Just eat, drink and sleep. There were a few times that I can remember trying to get him to fetch the ball and he would have this look in his eyes like he couldn’t see. Like he was staring into space. The fatigue worsened over time and we started to wonder a little. We thought maybe he was just gettin old. But I got a call from my mom one morning and I rushed over to find Samson lying on the floor. Eyes open tongue hanging out. He was having very small ceisures and wimpered if you touched him. His eyes were glazed over like he was staring into outer space.

At this time Samson weighed in at about 117 lbs. Big Dog. So we slowly slid him onto a blanket and carried him to the truck. Went to the emergency vet and they wheeled him in on a stretcher. Gave him pain meds and we waited….Nothing. The Vet recommended he keep Samson overnight. Well, overnight never came. We got a phone call early that same evening and the Vet informed us that the Vets down at A&M and himself determined that Samson had a brain tumor. That explained everything. And you know I feel like we should have known that he was ill.

He was such a loving animal one day and the next he was just out there in his own little world. So the vet suggested he be put to sleep. My mother went and signed the papers and they used his body for research. That is the first time my father and I cried together.

So sad, we miss you Samson!!!


I want to make sure Samson knows that we know how much he loved us
Robert Moon