Samson Tracy by Bob and Amanda Tracy / Daddy

My Baby Samson

My best friend, My baby boy
You are my buddy, my peace, My joy
I never knew, the love I could feel
You were my man; you were strong, No fear
To look in your eyes, the look was unreal
Human to me, honest, sincere
At times you looked right through me,
into my soul
You let me know,you were my friend,Meant to be so
Proud as I could be, the majestic strength I could see.
My beautiful Akita.
Samson to me.
You left way to soon, way before your time.
I know yhat you loved me,
You showed me all the time.

Always in our thoughts
Forever in our hearts.
Never forgotten.
We love you
Daddy and Mommy
(Bob and Amanda Tracy

Mommy and Daddy


Forever Daddy's Boy,
Samson Tracy
15, June 2004
Bob and Amanda Tracy