Sandie by Paula and Sharon / Paula (sister) and Sharon (mum)

My Darling Sandie,
It’s hard to believe,
that it’s been two years since you had to leave.

I remember that day with pain in my heart,
when the vet shook his head and said that we had to part.

I remember we held you,
both mum and I, we kissed you and
wiped the tears from our eyes.

We tried to be brave as you sat on the chair,
but even through your unseeing eyes,
you felt us hurting, you knew our despair.

But you sat there so beautiful, with those lovely brown eyes, and you seemed to say “stop it, this is no surprise. The thing that you’re doing, you do with tremendous love, you know I am hurting and belong up above.”

My selfish feelings, I wanted you to stay, I know mum did too but she just wouldn’t say.

You had an injection, and you fell asleep,
The vet wrapped you up and we started to weep.


When the vet walked away, with you in his arms,
I lifted the blanket away from your beautiful face, he was puzzled at looked around to me,
but then I explained that I knew now you’d see.


With more love than you ever imagine,
you and Prince wait on us
1, Feb 2001
Paula and Sharon