Sanjai by Matthew

In the memory of Sanjai

I honor you and respect you.
I shall never forget the times you have saved my life.
Nor will I forget the times that I have saved yours.
I shall never forget the security you gave me on those cold nights deep in the forest alone.
I shall never forget your remarkable skills that no one will ever understand.
I shall never forget the amazing journeys we have seen together which tested our trust.

I still see you running through the trees with me.
Chasing our prey.
I still see you playing with the Coyotes and crying along with them as I watch in the distance.
I still see your silent body lay motionless as the women dances for you.
I still see everything.

I remember all of your friends.
I remember all of the flowers I have received in your honor.
I remember the sorrow I heard each night for weeks from the coyotes after your passing.
I remember the hot summer days we swam together in the lake.
I remember everything.

I fear the dark now.
I fear the forest now.
I fear death now.
I fear your pain.

Thank you for your time with me.
Thank you for putting up with me.
Thank you for being my friend.

I drink to you and it was an honor to live beside you. Thank you for everything. A debt I can never repay.



2, April 1999