Sara by Geri

Dear Sara
It has been so long that you left me. I needed to let you know how much I miss you my pretty girl. I am so sorry for the way that you left me by yourself wwith people you didn’t even know. Please forgive me. Your eyes will always haunt me. By now maybe you have found Rachel and maybe she is nicer to you now! You were a precious baby and I am sure an angel from God now. I know you are here in the ever-presence of Summers white butterflies im the flickering stars and yes in the ringing of my chimes. Mommy loves you and will be with you soon. Please look over Misha when he joins you and “show him the ropes”! I am happy to know that you are in peace and by the way Lucy was in know way meant to replace you!

All my love.

Mommy {Geri}


April 1988