Sarah Misty Moocher by Cindy McKinney / Mommy

I got Sarah (AKA Smooch) a week before Christmas 1991. I was told she was about 1 to 1 1/2 years old. This beautiful girl had been bounced around to a few homes before she came to live with us. Within 5 minutes she captured our hearts and souls.

Smooch….I miss you so much baby girl. You are my best friend. I miss having you there when ever I eat something because you were always there to “mooch” some, to greet me at the door when we got home and I could list a million other thing so special about you.

You gave so much unconditional love. No matter how many ups and downs there were in my life you were always there. Tabby, Max and Lucky are lost without you too. This house just isn’t the same without you girl. I know that this is just “see you later” because someday we’ll meet again on the other side. You will always be Mommy’s Baby Girl….GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN!

Sarah Misty Moocher “AKA” Smooch was/is part of the McKinney, Garn and Altizio family.


Love With All MY Heart,
Sarah Misty Moocher
11, Jan 2006
Cindy McKinney