Sasha by Annette / Momma`s Baby, Sasha

She meant the world to me,and i am sure that the feeling was mutual. She was so smart,almost human. She loved car rides and all the people in her family. She always was with me.We were BEST friends for 11 years. I also have another dog,to whom she was Mamma, and I can tell that Jenny(other dog) misses her terribly. Each day I wake up thinking about her, and missing her.

I wish I could re-live some of the great times we had together,and there were many! My sadness is overwhelming at times and I do cry alot. We all have great memories of her. She was the sun in our skies, the joy in our hearts and the loneliness we feel will be felt for a long time.

WE have happy pictures of her to remember her by and lots of great stories sadly she had to be put to sleep after having 3 siezures. She died of cancer, and I am sure that she had alot of pain that she did not show.

Bravely she lived on, but finally the cancer spread too far. We will miss her forever..and forever she will remain in our hearts. Lots of love we gave and lots of love she gave. WE LOVE YOU, SASHA.