Sassafrass Furnia by Sherry Gallagher Furnia / mommy

I have to say that my Sass was the most demanding dog I’ve ever had. Sass demanded love and knew how to get it. She wanted you to talk to her and you did. She wanted you to feed her you did. She knew excatly how to pull on your heart strings. She had my heart from day one and still to this day I miss her so much. Too bad she developed cancer the worst thing a parent could hear about their child and that is what Sass was to me. It almost killed me to make a decision to let her go. I have no real children but Sass you and your mate who are in heaven with you are mommie’s heart forever. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. YOU ARE MY FRUFRU. LOVE MOMMY AND DADDY.


With all of my heart,
Sassafrass Furnia
Sherry Gallagher Furnia