April 1999 —- Feb. 21 2001


I had a little black Pekingese I fell in love with at first sight.

She became the queen of the house and our hearts,even if she only

weighed six pounds. She had this little sound she made like a cat purring.

she would make this sound when ever we picked her up or just spoke to her .

She was killed by a man who hates animals.

He hit her with a stick and she died by her self not 50 feet from where

we were calling for her. She usually didn’t leave us but my husband

and I where talking and she wandered away.

We talked to the police but there is nothing we can do because we

didn’t actually see him do it!

Needless to say we are heartbroken and miss her the same as a

child has died. I know she is sitting in Gods lap talking to him.

Good-bye Sassafuss and thank you for loving us.

WE SURE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Margaret Loving