Sassy by amber/ rae/herman / Your family

Sassy you have brought so much to our family. You are our little girl and you will be so missed and love everday. We will miss your kisses and the way you were and are. You are a great friend and you light all of us up just with your presence. I am sorry that you had to go so soon but, my dear sweet, you have done more then you know. You helped me when I was down and out and you can now look over us with your wings and see if Herman is sharing his oatmeal with you and you can keep Lowkey out of trouble like she has done with you so many times. Sassy, you take care over there. You will be much better promise little one. You’re now and a kittie angel. You can fly free.


My special friend we love you,
10, July 2005
amber/ rae/herman