Sassy by Geraldine Petrone / Mommy and Maria

To Sassy, The Perfect One.

My perfect kitty, you are dying
how can it be so?
The reason I can’t stop crying,
is that I know you have to go.

It breaks my heart to lose you,
I haven’t had you very long!
But for the time I knew you,
you were like a favorite song.

The times I spent without you,
I hummed you in my heart,
you’d always make me smile,
you were perfect from the start.

I courted you for a whole year,
with kibble, food and milk,
then snatched you one cold winter night,
touching fur that felt like silk.

I knew you were a treasure,
and how blessed I was to be,
the one to unfold the perfect one,
so lovely and sweet was she!

She lived outdoors,
a ‘feral’ cat,
hungry, sad and cold.
When we took her in to stay,
she gave more love
than we could hold.

And so it came to pass today,
our little Sassy went her way
and we are left to cry.
She was only five years old,
we’ll miss her ’til we die!

©2007 Geraldine Petrone
All Rights Reserved


1, December 2007
Geraldine Petrone