Sassy by Wrote for Mallori Parker / We love you, Sassy

When I first saw you I was glad you were her dog cause I thought you looked ugly you had over large bug eyes. but time flew by and you grew into them. You were the runt of the litter and was small for your breed. You had a glossy black and white coat with a beautiful face. It was hard not to love you. I still remember the time I bent over to pet you and you bit me on the nose! Then there was that time you came down to my house and got your self in a mess of trouble
when my dog bit you on the eye!

We couldn’t open the door with out making sure you weren’t any where near, or you be out that door faster then we could blink.
It makes me laugh to think of that time we kept you a night for your owners who are my dear friends. That morning when I went to feed you you jumped out of the kennel and into my dad’s bed and you wasted no time licking him on the face which woke him up. You then went on to wake up the rest of my family one by one. You and me were on every everybody’s bad side that day! Time went by you glossy black coat soon began to have gray hairs and you slowed down some. Then one night you had trouble breathing. That night we called the vet. They told us if you didn’t get worst we could wait till morning to bring you in. I told the others I would stay up with you and let them got to sleep.

The room was dimly lit. I sat on the sofa gazing at you while you stood in the floor struggling for air. Thoughts raced threw my mind was this the end for you? I took some meat from the fridge and gave small bites to you which you swallowed gratefully. As morning approached you worsened. So me Mallori and my dad rushed you to the vet. In the car your mouth turned gray a sigh of lack of air. You went limp. We rushed you in. They lady ushered us into the back Dr.- listened to your heart. You suddenly collapsed. She gently but quickly picked you up saying. “You may loose her,” she took her into the ER room. we waited what seem for ever but was really only a few minutes then sorrowfully Dr.- stepped in saying “I’m sorry but we lost her……”


Red roses mark her grave................
Wrote for Mallori Parker