Scarver McCarver


" Scarver McCarver "

Oct. 21 1995 ------ April 24 1999

American Pit Bull

He wasn't pick-of-the-litter but as a pup I knew I had

a diamond-in-the-rough;

an American Pit Bull not vicious just misunderstood

but inside a real creampuff.

I gave him unrequited love and a good life in a

working-man's neighborhood

he gave me back more love than I could bargain for

and many would understood.

Scarver McCarver was the All-American bulldog

like Petey in the Lil Rascals "Our Gang,"

who guarded our humble abode with a bark worse

than the look from his fangs.

He died an untimely death while protecting those who he loved

from a son with mental problems he trusted now

he's in bulldog heaven above.


SCARVER McCARVER you're the greatest bulldog I've ever owned.

I wished I could have written a more fitting poem

but I'm still in mourning over your loss.

God Bless You Scarver McCarver!!!

Sans Peur Kenels



Scarver McCarver