April 1975 —– Oct. 1983

French Poodle

SCHATZI so many years have passed since you left me.

The pain of losing you has not passed.

You were a sweet lovable friend and companion….. not just to me

but our other pets as well.

I remember the day you came into my life….

I remember the day I rescued you from that abusive home….

couldn’t understand how anyone could hurt

a cute brown eyed 7 pound girl like you.

I will never ever forget you….

I miss you so much.

It pains my heart terribly to know that you were literally murdered

drowned by someone you thought you could trust….

He will pay for this!

I will never ever get over this ever.

God will punish the one who murdered you.

Until then Schatzi… wait for me at the bridge….

In your memories sake is part of why I rescue animals today…..

I love you Schatzi…… I miss you so much!