Schotzie by Kathy De Tuerk / Mom

I went to a breeder with my daughter to get her kids a mini dachshund. We had doxies when the kids were little. There was one red male and one black and tan female. I so wanted them to pick the black and tan female. She had the cutest personality. They picked the red male and I came home with “Schotzie”.
She became my sweet little girl and went every where with me. When I was District Governor with Rotary, she went to all of my visits. She was my companion, my defender, my shadow, my sweet little girl.
Her first Vet, did her a disservice and did not give her antibiotics when he pulled one of her teeth after he cleaned them. Ultimately, she developed 7 absessed teeth. Her second and last vet, (I love him dearly) cleaned the bad teeth, but by that time her immune system was really screwed up. She had developed alergies, yeast infections, and finally asthma. She aged tremendously over the year.
I held her, as we said our last good bys.
Today, she rests in her favorite spot on our beach. Under the fir tree, where the squirrels love to play.
I miss my sweet little girl, I am sure I always will.


Whose on your Beach!
Kathy De Tuerk