Scooter by Robin Thompson / Robin

Scooter was a stray I acquired
at 4 months old. He was a solid white cat.

He was the best cat ever. He always got along with all the other cats I would take in and look after any kittens I happened
to bring in from strays.

He loved to go for car rides. I’d say, Scooter, want to go for a ride and he’d answer back, mrrroow. He was a water boy, loved to play in water so had to keep the toilet lids closed. He would drink from his paw.

When he was 11 he got diabetes and almost died. He also had a bad gall bladder, pancreatitis, & IBD so managing his diabetes was a real feat. He was so good at taking his insulin, I would call him and say Scooter, time for your shot and he would come to me. I took him everywhere with me when I traveled. He amazed a lot of veterinarians because he would get sick and bounce back.

One day, though, he didn’t bounce back. He ended up with a mass in his abdomen which grew quickly and I knew it was cancer and he was so sick, I had to let him go.

To this day, I still miss him. He would sit up and shake hands with me.


I still love you little buddy,
Robin Thompson