Scrappy by Carla Humphries / Carla your mommie

My Scrappy,

It seems as though it was just yesterday when you were brung into my life, and now your gone. I’ll never forget the first time I saw you. That cute little face, I was so surprised. You were given to me as sort of a way to grieve over my last angel, Reggie, and now here I sit having to grieve over you. You had turned into such a good little man. I would have never guessed our time together would have been so short. I thought I would get to have you as you grew old and enjoy all the love you had for me. Yesterday when I lost you I felt like my life fell apart. How sad it was to look at you in such pain I would have never thought
you could get ran over.

I tried to get you to the hospital I promise but it was just too late. I’m so sorry I wasn’t as good to you after I started working but don’t think that meant I loved you any less. I remember our walks together, bath time and your cute puggy dance. Everyone here misses you so much I just wish I could bring you back. I love you so much and just like my Reggie I will never forget anything about you.


Say hello to Reggie for me,
Carla Humphries