Screamer by Debbie Carlsen / Mom

I found this litter of kittens and soon afterward the mother had moved all of them except for this tiny little grey tiger. I left him alone for the day and all that night figuring his mother would come back for him. I went back the next morning and he was still there. I scooped him up and brought him in the house, washed his eyes and fed him with an eye dropper. I was hooked. He climbed up my arm and found “his” spot on my shoulder and under my hair. For the next few days that was where he wanted to be. I would play with him and care for him and he became closer and closer to my heart.

I was amazed how tiny he was but how big his voice…that was why I decided on the name.On his last day with me he slept on my shoulder while I did the housework, never really moved except when I would reach up and pet him. That night I put him to bed gave him a kiss not realizing that was the last time I would have that chance.

When I woke up in the morning he had passed away. I was devastated but I also knew that whatever had happened it was God’s will. I still feel him on my shoulder and I still hear his voice in my memory…and for now that will get me through the grieving process. He stole my heart in the short time he was with me and I will miss him.


Until we meet again Tiny One,
Debbie Carlsen