Scruffy by Ryan and Karee LyBarger and kids / Your mommy and daddy, brother and sister

Scruffy you are my lil angel. You were so young when you had to leave us. It happened so fast. I love you so much. You were so happy and playful; you had your own little pillow and blanket by my bed. You were my baby. My heart doesn’t feel the same without you here.

You went everywhere with us. You always made me smile and laugh at the things you used to do. You were so cuddly and always just wanted to petted by one of us. You knew when the kids were coming home. You would get so excited to see them.

I will always remember you, Scruffy. You were a huge part of my life and I can’t believe you are gone. But we did what we felt we had to do so you didn’t have to suffer. Baby, if we could have done something and knew you were ok you would still be here. Scruffy you are my lil angel and always will be..You are missed by all of us.


I Love you, Scruffy.
Ryan and Karee LyBarger and kids