Sebastian by Vanessa Brenneman / Mommy


You will never know how deeply you were loved or how deeply you are missed. I am so sorry that you had to spend the last 7 months of your life batteling cancer, but I have to believe that you did not feel any pain or suffer at all with the chemo. It wasn’t until the treatment quit working that you got sick. I believe in my heart that the last 7 months were precious. You played harder than ever, wagged your tail more than ever, and really felt my love for you. I will miss you so much and you can never be replaced.

My life was all about you for so long, that I am lost and don’t know how I can make it without you. I hope that you are happy now, and healthy again. I hope that you were not scared when you left me, I held you paw, and stroked you face the entire time. I know that you were not going to get better and that you were ready to go. I just hope that you know how much you were loved, and that I did everything humanly and medically possible to keep you here with me, until there was nothing else that could be done.

You were the best “little” boy that any one can hope for. I will miss your beautiful face, and all of your silly tricks. I will meet you again someday on the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, play and have fun, know that one day you will have all of your family with you again. Please know that your Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa “Rock”. Uncles Jeremy and Matthew and your little brother Duke also miss you so much. We all can’t wait to see you again.

I love you sweetie and will miss you forever.


With all my love,
4, Jan 2006
Vanessa Brenneman