Sera by Kevin Scott / Your Boy Kevin

I’ve always wanted a dog since I was little, but my family wasn’t sure I was ready for one. Then one day back in 1992, I was out playing with some friends when one of the showed up with this cutest little black and white dog that was at least a month old. He even let me hold her, and somehow I could tell that she would be the little love of my life. In what seemed like a hand of fate, the boy and his family were moving but had to get rid of the dog. Right after I came home from school, my grandfather lead me into the bedroom where my mom was resting, and there she was. I named her Sera, pronounced like Sarah only spelled differently. She was the best thing that had ever happen to me and my family, and I didn’t like being too far away from her and when I was, I missed her terribly that I was the one with separation anxiety! Sera had been a part of my life for twelve wonderful years, always giving and receiving as much love and attention (I admit that my family and I spoiled her rotten, but she was worth it and more)!

The day before Thanksgiving in 2004, Sera was acting strange. Whenever she would go outside, she would usually come to the door after she was done to be let it. Watching her, she would lay on the grass for a moment, then get up and start walking towards the door, but all of a sudden she would lay back down again. She could hardly stand anymore and we weren’t sure what was wrong with her. She started acting much fine later on though, but after we got back from Thanksgiving dinner the next day, she started showing signs again, but worse. The next day, which still holds a dark cloud over my heart, her condition was worse and she could hardly move anymore. We took her to the vet, and it took everything inside of me not to break down when the veterinarian said that it didn’t look good.

He gave us some medicine, but it was no use. My baby girl was dying, and I was by her side throughout the rest of the day, crying my eyes out at the thought of losing her. My mom was out of town, so my aunt helped me keep watch of her, with false hope that she would get better. I went to go to bed, then sometime later, my aunt got me up, saying that she was gone. I was so in shock, I rushed into the room, and sure enough my aunt was right. I never cried so hard in my life. I never even got to say good-bye to her while she was still alive. I only got that chance after we buried her in the backyard. Looking back at it now, I was just so selfish in letting my dog’s agony continue with false hope that she would be ok. I loved her so much, and I couldn’t stand the chance of losing her. It’s 2008 now, and it still hurts and I sometimes even cry my heart out.

I know she’s in a better place, and I know that one day we’ll meet again. The Angels are watching over her like everyone else’s beloved pets.

I love you Sera and I miss you so much. Be happy in Heaven, baby girl. We’ll meet again someday.


With Love,
Kevin Scott