Shadow by Julie Gouirand and Jason Vey / Mommy

Shadow came into our lives from a foster home. His foster mother said no one would adopt him because he was so big and black cats unfortunately get overlooked a lot because of their bad associations. Since the moment he came to be with us, he was a friend and the third member of our family.

He loved people and was very friendly. He loved when people would play with him and his favorite game was chasing a wadded up paper ball, which he would fetch and bring back to you time and time and time again to throw for him. He never got tired of it and would do it for hours.

He was a big boy–2 feet long minus the tail and 17 pounds. He had the brightest green-yellow eyes and the silkiest soft fur. He liked to talk to me in the morning while I was in the bathroom or drinking my coffee.

Shadow was only 3 years old and his death should not have happened. We are very angry because we feel his death was very unfair to him, and it should not have happened. We will miss him forever. He was the very best of cats and of friends. Our home is not the same without him.

We are going to put Shadow to rest tonight and bury him in the country. I just pray with all my soul and heart that he understood how very much we loved him and that we are *so* sorry that this happened. It’s so very unfair.


We love you so much, buddy.
22, Sep 2005
Julie Gouirand and Jason Vey