Shadow by Linda Seever

Shadow story begins like no other story. He was born in a puppy mill where he lived for a year and than it got closed down and a man named Chad bought him and had him for a year he was good with Shadow and taught him many tricks and loved him a lot but had no time for him and then we moved in across the street I feel in love with shadow the first time I saw him.

I knew I had to at least walk Shadow and so a couple days after I saw him I got up enough nerve to ask so I walked over and asked if I could take Shadow for a walk and he said “I don’t have a leash” I said “I have one” and than we walked every where; we were together a lot when I got home from school I would always see Shadow looking out the window for me and then I would wait for Chad to come home and I would go get Shadow; it went on like this for a while until my mom told me they where moving and I didn’t believe her so she read me the newspaper ad and than I remembered one night that Chad asked if we had a dog or if we could have a dog and then on a cold rainy night the day before thanksgiving and I bagged my mom to go over and ask if we could have Shadow and as we asked he gave me the greatest gift ever Shadow.

I had him ever since I was 12 and then things went fine for the five years we played ate and sleeped together. The only time we where ever apart was when I was at school. I was happy because I had found something to love and that loved me back. We where really close.

Shadow wouldn’t eat when I was gone and then when I came back he gave me the best welcome every time he was always there. I remember how we would play hide and seek. He was so smart. I think we where just like Lassie and Timmy except I’m a girl and Shadows a boy and different breed.

We where so close for 5 years until a cold rainy night on July 8th at 10:15 pm Shadow had a heart attack on my bedroom floor. I saw something was wrong with him so I called my mom up stairs and then my dad followed her and they tried everything they could think of so we put him in the car and drove up to the humane socitey and had him cremated and then we got him back on Friday and than I was looking for another dog and found Lucky.

He is a 15 month old collie who needs a lot of work so my story ends here with the heartache of a lost friend and the happiness of a new love.

With all my love,

Mamma {Linda}


Linda Seever