Shadow by Linda Seever

Cry Not For ME

Please do not cry at night
About the things we never did.
Don’t hurt your mind or body
Because I know longer live.

It was not my choice to go
I’m still longing for your care.
But please don’t shut out all the others
you have a joy ment to be shared.

Take away that frown of yours
Your smile brightened up my days.
write me notes in your journal
how i wished i could have stayed.

so, please don’t shed a tear,
rememeber all the times we had.
Get back into your schedule
I didn’t want to make you sad.

Remember I’ll be watching
From heaven high above
and if you’re ever feeling lonely
just recall… you were loved.

By unknown

With all my heart and soul


Your mommy


8, July 2002
Linda Seever