Shadow by Liz / Mommy and Grammy!!

I have submited 2 pets already and there all beloved pets.

Shadow was so tiny when she came to us and I still remember the little tiny black dot in the back of the pet store cage.I had her a whole year and a half when I found out that she had cancer.I was so suprised to hear that because I did’nt think mice could get cancer.A while after I found out she started growing a tumer under her neck. Every day it got bigger and I started feeling more upset.Than it got so bad I could’nt even hold her but she acted fine. She still ran pretty fast on her weal and still ate all her food. Than I started getting more worried when she started growing another one behind her ear.So than I finaly diceded to put her down.I was so upset that my mom dicided to buy me another one. We ended up coming home with two. But besides them i’ll always miss my beautiful black mouse. I hope you’r happier up there.


~Love you always~