Shadow by Matt and Paula and Patrick / Your people, Mom, Dad and Patrick

Oh Shadow…..Shadwoski Dupinski Poopias the 1st!!

What words can describe what you meant to us? Its been almost a year since you had to leave us and
we still miss you every day.

You were our first. You were the Captain of the guard. You were the defender of the castle. You were our loyal friend. You were Patrick’s constant companion. You comforted us when we were sad. You made us feel better when we were sick. You were so much a part of our lives.

It was hard to watch you grow old and frail. You were such a proud dog. As hard as it was, I am glad that we were with you at the end. You deserved no less than that.

I just want you to know that we remember ALL of it. From when we first saw you, you looked just like a little black bear cub. We remember the time at the cabin when you “herded” the kids on the swimming dock and wouldn’t let them jump in the water. We remember how you used to get sassy and back talk at us…you ALWAYS had to have the last word. We remember the skunk “incident”. How about the fireworks incident? I remember how you used to lay right by the campfire at the cabin. You blended into the shadows and I always ended up stepping on you at some point….sorry about that!!! But most of all we miss the simple times….just the quiet reassurance that you were always here. We could always count on you. You were with us for twelve years and there is almost no part of our lives
unaffected by your passing.

I just want you to know that we miss you every day and you will never be forgotten. We will meet again
someday at the bridge.


With all our love,
January 2007
Matt and Paula and Patrick