Shadow by Robin Cornell / Your Mommy

My dearest Shadow,

You are my best friend. I didn’t think I would lose you so soon. I thought we might have a few more weeks or months together, but Dr. Nelson said it was time to let you go. I thought about it and realized he was right. I hope you didn’t feel anything, Shadow. You seemed to be in a deep sleep already, as though you knew it was time for you to go.

I could not say how much joy you and the other ferrets have brought me. I was so happy when you and Tim became part of our family. You got along so well with Earl and Kyle, I knew it was right. You were built like a tank back then. You were so strong and muscular, and dark and handsome. Derek named you Chunky Weasel.
The nickname was right on.

You helped me though my period of unemployment. It was a dark and desperate time in my life, but you were there for me. We slept together on the floor in the living room that summer. I loved reaching out to touch you in my sleep. It was so reassuring to have you close to me. You helped me when Earl died. I loved Earl so much. Having you with me made his death easier to bear.

I loved coming home to you each and every day. I loved cuddling you close while we watched basketball and hockey games together. But when you got so sick, I thought it was better that you join Kyle, Tim and Earl. I thought you must miss your ferret buddies by now, and I knew you were never going to get better.

Run and explore, Shadow. Be a ferret again! Find hidey holes with your weasel brothers. I will see you again. Don’t forget me, Shadow. I will never forget you. I love you.


Love Always,
14, Jan 2006
Robin Cornell