Shadow , Specks & Smokey by Ellie / Your Human Mommy

It’s Not everyday you Loose a person or animal you love dearly So When i lost 3 of my rabbits a different times It was heartbreaking and just too much to deal with.

Shadow was my baby i got him with Specks my other rabbit they were BEST BUDS We always let them run together and there hutches could not of been closer but when they became to fight it was a shame
It happend on a night Me and my older sister were watching a film with J-lo in it The wedding planner i beleive Shadow had not been too well so we were keeping a close eye on him as it was summer we brought him in so he could keep a tad cooler as our has is kinda Cold so lovely in the summer to keep cool , But he just wasnt hiself he was in his bedroom all i herd was a squeak , I knew that ment goodbye , My mum wouldnt let me look at him incase it upset me , my dad buerried him the next day , i cryed for weeks up on end a tresured my specks as i have never lost a pet before so i didnt know what it was like.


Specks was a darling He was quite depressed without his brother but 3 years passed and he was fine i went to school as normal and mum picked me up at home time and i sat in the car with her , she hugged me and took my hand “Sweetheart I have somthing very important wich is going to upset you ok?”

She had to say no more as soon as i got home i ran to the back door and unlocked it
i got outside and saw specks lying there on his side as still as a statue i burst into tears My speckidoodles! Gone forever ? WHY? Next day my dad buerried him and like before i cried for weeks , so did my mum for atleast a few days to see my so upset over my baby specks!


Smokey Was a my mum’s friends rabbit she didnt want him so she gave him to us i was quite pleased because i felt so lonely without specks , i could of told specks all my secrets aswell.

We had smokey for a year and After a few trips to the vets discoverdd he was much older then 2 , HE WAS 10! Again 2 years passed smokey was 12 Wow i was thinking he is so old and fradgile , As i was coming to that age i was starting to get the “GIRL THINGS” so i was quite upset and had flipping bad pmt so my mum was Looking after smokey for a few days when i was better i was outside in no time Surrposidly smokey hadnt been very well But he was fine when i looked at him a week later i was outside then smokey ran out his room My eyes warted and it was like my heart stopped “MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM , this isnt smokey!!!!!!!” It was too small and his sploged paw had gone! it was just plain after mum explianed , it turned out smokey died of old age so mum and dad replaced him , AS IF I WOULDNT NOTICE After another week of tears I called the “Smokey look alike” Smokey2 As its like his twin

A year later i still have Smokey2 and a new rabbit Chinchilli as he looks like a chinchilla



With All the love in the world
Shadow , Specks & Smokey