ShadowDancerlie by marthalie s. thurston / Your Mama

To my dearest companion, Shadow,
Today the sun rose over the mountain and once again I headed out on ‘our’ walk. Shadow your paws and golden voice are muted. My soul is seared, but along our path I go feeling your shinning spirit. I stay on our path and sing the same old songs. When I get home , the unused dish, the empty leash. I see you swirling in the last snow, and smelling the flowers of summer. No heart so brave and true as yours. You were kind to all creatures, even when they were unkind to you. Alpha always. The leader with her own strengths. How beautiful your heart, how graceous your soul. Such a braveheart through the last week.
You taught me much.
I will always feel your presence close to my left side.

You are the,Best of the Best, dear girl…….


Untill we meet beyond
11, July 2005
marthalie s. thurston