Shamrock by Lori DAngelo / Mummy

Shamrock was a little ball of fur when I first saw her, barely the size of my two hands. I fell in love immediately. She was chosen by another family, and “her space” was the laundry room of their home – she loved the smell of clean laundry and playing with dryer sheets all her life! She was just over a year old when the family decided to move overseas and couldn’t take her with them. There was no question in my mind — I would welcome the opportunity to take in this little Angel.

So from then on, Shamrock was my reason for being. She was there with me whenever I was sad, cheering me up. She taught me so, so many things: about life, love, responsibility, and forgiveness. I only hope to be the person she knows I can be.

Shamrock has made dog lovers out of so many people she met. A good number of people who met her said that they didn’t like dogs, except Shamrock. And now many are proud pet parents. I could say that is because Shamrock was not just a dog; she was the most special creature on Earth ( to me, anyway! ). I think she would be pleased knowing she helped fellow canines find their parents.

The greatest thing about Shamrock was her face: she reminded me of an Ewok — and there was absolutely no way I could see that face and not feel all was right with the world, my grievances vanishing.

So, Thank You, Little One. For Everything. I miss you every second of every day and I can’t wait to see you again. I am sorry that I was not there when you left for the Bridge ( something tells me you wanted it that way ) but I will see you there before you know it,
and we will never part again.


With all my love,
Lori DAngelo