Shane by Jan and John / Mommy and Daddy

There is so much I could say about our beloved Shane. He came to us from the our local shelter. We had lost our last fur baby (Missy) about a year before and finally had decided we were ready for the love only a pet can bring you. I went and picked him out and immediately fell in love. One week after we brought him home he got sick and we were afraid we were going to lose him then but he was saved by our wonderful Vet and that was in 1997. Almost two years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer and he fought most bravely until this past Friday when we finally had to make that last loving decision to let him go. It was a hard thing to do but we know he is now in a safe and cancer free place. We loved him with all our being and hope that someday we will be reunited.

We will miss his foot licking (like he taught his Dad to take off his socks so that he could lick his feet). We would all sing together, I think he always beat Dad and Mom for loudness. He was just a wonderful little guy and he will always be in our hearts.


All our love forever,
Jan and John