Sheba by Jade / Jade

I will always remember that day that Sheba came,
into our lives without a name,
“Sheba!” Paige cried, so mommy agreed,
and the family started to love her
and fulfill her every need.
At first we thought she was a hamster
but boy we thought wrong!
Instead we got an angel
who helped us keep strong.

Through all the troubles and through all the pain,
our Sheba was their
through sunshine & the rain.
In the beginning we just sat their and stood,
not knowing what she was but could tell she was good.
A “Guinea Pig” Anthony called from behind.
She looked so cute and knew we were kind,
so it took some time and when the time came,
she knew her house and her whole family’s name:
Jade the oldest daughter who tried her best
to keep the house tidy and out of a mess!
Paige the sweet one who loved her so,
and Mommy the one who would never let her go
oh yes! Anthony the one who started it all.
If it weren’t for him
there would be no Sheba at all!
and Daddy too, the one who didn’t care….
but had a special place in his heart, and
Sheba knew it was there.
She knew he was funny and had a smart brain,
even though he like to act funny and go insane!
All these special characters that each family member had
Sheba knew them all and was very glad.

The time came were she knew all the smells
of all her different owners, to the books on the shelves
but the kids had a life,
and the parents did too, so it was off to work and
Straight to school!

“Awww!” Paige would say,
“What about Sheba? she can’t stay alone all day!”
But then mommy came with a really great plan
one that would make everyone happy
so we ran, ran, ran
off to the pet store and back home with another,
cute little guinea pig to be Sheba’s new lover….
and lovely they were so happy together.
It seemed like everything was the best
even in bad weather!
Sheba loved her new friend,
and loved everything really!
But the thing she loved most was the love of her family.
The way Jade would make up cute little names,
like teeberlips! Toinkins! It was all
fun and games!
and the way Paige would hold her and kiss
her little lips!
and way that Anthony would watch her little skinny hips…
going back and forward running around like a baby with wings
doesn’t it make you want to cry hearing all these things?
Because this is not the end it’s only the beginning,
something started to happen and then began happening.
Sheba looked sick, and her neck tilted to the side…
the whole family would wonder? But we couldn’t tell why
so we thought she was born like that & just let it slide.
But then she started sneezing so we worried & cried
so we took her her to the vet thinking that it would be better
It did…for a while until she became a mother
“Sheba’s Pregnant!” Daddy said! The family all amazed
so happy that Sheba had fought her sickness for so many days
and was still alive thank god after she gave birth
to a little cute mohawk punk
kind of like Joe dirt!
So then there was the full package what we all could of dreamed
Sheba had her family, and everything it seemed
to us we wanted it to stay like that all of us together
but haven’t you heard you heard the old saying
things don’t last forever?
ya sure…money…but love with always last
so what am I trying to say? It’s good for you to ask
I’m sorry to have to say this it might sound unexpected
come to even think about it it’s hard to even accept it.

One morning like any other day in our nice and
normal lives, something out of the blue happened
and out of our surprise
an angel might of left our house
a loved one might of gone
but still in our hearts.
Sheba will still live on.
Yes I know it’s hard for me to explain
me, too, I was shocked
and had to deal with all this pain,
but now she’s in heaven away from her disease,
no it wasn’t because of her pregnancy or of because her unhealthy sneeze.
she was sick so one day while taking a little nap
in mommy’s precious arms with love to love her back.
Sheba gave mommy a kiss and said “Good-Bye!”
“Mommy, I’m not going no where please don’t cry”.
I’m going to somewhere that you all can see me everyday.
It’s in the center of your chest and by the way
don’t feel bad it’s not your fault
where I’m going is better because I helped you all.
I came to this family and shared my love
and now I’ll share it up above
where I will watch down on you all
to see if what I have taught you can catch the ball.
So here I go now “Family” I’m on my way
please stop crying I’m going to stay;
if you want to find me, close your eyes and stop and
think about the special times,
move on with your lives but please don’t forget
please wipe you eyes no need to get them wet.
If you love me so you know what’s
right, so I’m on my way I love you all goodnight!


Love Always,
1, Aug 2004