Sheba Rose by Brandi Kaelin / Brandi, your mom

On the sunniest side of Heaven,
there’s a meadow by a ridge.
It is here I now run and play,
in this place called Rainbow bridge.

Though I was suddenly taken away
to this place up in the sky,
my heart is again full of joy,
please don’t shed a tear or cry.

For one day you will join me
and we shall re-unite again,
to spend eternity together,
you and I my friend.

We’ll cross the bridge together
and walk down towards the light.
Oh look, there’s Keela, Conner,
Kavak, Keeno, Sasha, and Prescious!
We’ll smother you with kisses
as we share an eternity of delight.


To Sheba, my other shadow, with love...
Sheba Rose
26, Jan 2008
Brandi Kaelin