Sheeba by Lori / Lori xoxoxoxo

My Dearest Sheeba,

You have been on my mind so much…I thought I had submitted a tribute for you, but I guess it didn’t get saved. I’m sorry Honey. Just want you to know how much I Love you, and miss you! I’m so grateful to Pat for giving you to me. And now I know that you and Lady are together in Heaven. Me and Pat are still the Best of Friends! She has a new love now, and seems very happy. You were my little companion on my travels to Reno, and thru all my trials and tribulations with my ex. I’m sorry for putting you through all that, now I know better about her. She hurt me too, but then
I learned alot in the process.

I’m so grateful for the love you gave me, you were there when no one else was. Through thick and thin, you were my little girl. I wish I had known how sick you were Sheeba, I know you tried to tell me in your own way now looking back, I just wasn’t listening or paying attention. Please forgive me. And please know how devastated I was that terrible day…waking up to you walking into furniture and walls…oh, Sheeba, I was so scared! I’m just grateful that you didn’t have to suffer. I would never let that happen. And I am grateful for such a kind Vet God gave us that day. You were such a good girl as always, even to the end….may God bless you little girl…and keep you safe, and hold you in His arms until we meet again! Please be there for me when it is my turn, I will look for you.


With all my Love,
15, Aug 2000