Shelby by Erin / Erin

They live in you. They live in me. They’re watching over, everything we see. In every creature, in every star, in your reflection, they live in you.” -They Live In You TLKoB

“You promised you’d be there, whenever I needed you. Whenever I call your name, you’re not anywhere. I’m trying to hold on, just waiting to hear your voice, one word, just a word will do, to end this nightmare.” -Endless Night TLKoB

“I know that the night must end, and that the sun will rise. And that the sun will rise. I know that the clouds must clear, and that the sun will shine. And that the sun will shine.” -Endless Night TLKoB

My dear Shelby,
God bless you with all he can give.
You deserve it.
Rise into heaven peacefully.
You deserve it.
Sing, dance, and be joyful with the angels.
You deserve it.
But the one thing you deserve the most is the celebration of your life. I know you’re always with me, and I’ll remember that you are if always remember that I know.

Rest In Peace.



14, Apr 2004