Shelby by Fred & Margaret Walsh / Grandma, Grandpa, Nipper & Teala

Our sweet little Shelby got her wings today
She’s gone to a better place far far away
A place full of puppies like she used to be
A place where her spirit can fly high and free.
Gone is the pain of old age as she knew it
She’s got a new body which won’t waste as she used it
She’ll be there by the bridge with her old buddy Cuddles
As they race and they jump into heaven made puddles.
They’ll chase one another like they did as a young pups
Round the flower beds of heaven where he still trips her up
Over and over she tumbles just like before
But you still run much faster as in days of yore.
Young Nipper will miss you the playful young Poo
Who shared sometime with you as to a youth he grew
He tried to play with you but didn’t quite know
That your old failing body was ever so sore.
Well our sweet princess you gave us your best
Sometimes much more when you did things in jest
But you always won over with your sweet loving ways
So we’ll miss all the fussing and your sweet girlish gaze.
As much as it hurt us to see you leave home
You are far better off now with much further to roam
Your body is healed and again just like new
Just as it was when we first fell for you.
So from Grandma and Grandpa we say this you
Thank you for stopping as you made your way through
We’ll miss you so much you can bet on that
One day we’ll be together again including our cat.
 So fly little angel enjoy the great peace
And wait by the bridge for the sun in the East
One day you will see us as we come to you
And you once again run to us as you always used to.


With all our love,
17, May 2005
Fred & Margaret Walsh