Shelby by Gramma Walsh / Gramma, Grampa, Nipper, Teala & Your Mommy & Fami

Our Dearest Wee Shelby;

How you gave so much unconditional Love…

Your funny peculiar ways of snuggling onto your favourite soft toy, your howls as we teased you by our own howls in your ear… the concerns of barks as you charged at the t.v. of animals in distress or perhaps because you felt they should not be there…. How you would follow behind me then as I did up the dishes you placed your wee chin between my legs patiently waiting for a tender wee hug or a simple wee praise. How you would tap the bathroom door as you would request a wee drink.. and for silly reason only that room would suited your desired needs… The way you would snuddle on your special pillow resting above my head at night patiently waiting for me to rub your wee ears and pat your head good-night.. these are only a few of the things
we will miss about you.

But your fight at the end left us sad with concern, not wanting you to suffer we whispered you could rest, that it now was o.k. for you to go join the other angels. I was so very thank-ful and able to assure you of my love, as your fight to stay, got rapidly weaker each minute as you peacefully would leave us. Although our hearts are broken, we could not selfishly wish your return to such discomfort.

So, with tears of sadness as we wish you fond farewells, our hopes for you now are you have since met up with “Cuddles” and are romping about happily
as you both did once before.

We have been so blessed with warm loving pets and it eases our minds to know we will one day meet again. But for now we need to help mend the broken hearts of “Nipper” & “Teala” their sadness of your departure is so vividly visible and breaks us in two. Perhaps in time we will soon once again be able to sit back and giggle at all those fun times.

“Shelby”, you were a special wee angel who as left us with many fond memories forever to be cherished in our hearts.. As I wipe away my tears, I send my farewell and wish you the peace you very well deserve.

Thank-you for your “LOVE”,
Thank-You For just being “YOU”!!!


With Everlasting Heartfelt Love;
16, May 2005
Gramma Walsh