Shelby by Larry, Emma and Christina Bras / Mom, Dad and Sis

We got Shelby from the Humane Society in 1995. She had been beaten by her previous owner and she was just a pup. She came home with us and was depressed for a few days but then brightened up when she realized we loved and cherished her. She loved beanie babies and laying in the sun. Her favorite meal was two double cheeseburgers, fries and an apple pie from McDonald’s.

We had 10 great years together, playing and growing together. We found out that she had oral canine melanoma in August of 2004. She went through 3 different surgeries but after the last one it was apparent that she would not recover. We made her last month the most special. Special meals, and a queen sized bed all to herself. Plenty of belly rubs and kisses and hugs. But now, the decision has been made, she is going home. We will miss her and love her for the rest of our days.


Forever in our thoughts and in our hearts,
Larry, Emma and Christina Bras