Shep by Diane / Mummy

Shep Lewis, I remember the first day that you arrived at the house. Daddy went to collect you from a farm at Coalpit Heath, you were so big and overweight. Your previous owners were elderly but loved you very much too. Shep, at first I was at a loss as to what to do with such a big dog, I took you to the vets who said that you were very overweight so off we went on our walks, you knew if I rattled the car keys in front of you that it was time for a walk. You used to jump in the back of the car and then we would walk through the woods at Sunny Hill and then sometimes into Blaise.

You loved being outdoors and swimming in the water, you chased the squirrels always thinking you could get them, you used to run up those steep banks to try to reach them, it was so funny. You had a good life Shep and it was a pleasure having you. I don’t want to write about the end because in my eyes there is no end, you are alive in my heart and in my mind. You held on and held on until we could say good-bye and I will never forget that. I want you to know that Mummy loved you so much and I still do.

There is a part of me that is missing, a void left with your absence. But the memory of my darling Shep will live on and on. I hope wherever you are Shep that you are happy, free and running and playing. I heard the Rainbow Bridge is a wonderful place and it is where owners and their pets meet when the time comes. I will never forget you Shep. I said it before and I will say it here too, you were and are still more important to me than many humans that I know. There I said it!!
I love you so much Shep. One day we will meet again and you will run to greet me and I will hug you tight and we will never be parted.


Love Always,