Sherlock Holmes


" Sherlock Holmes "

April 19 1978 ------- March 1999




It was such a hard decision

That we had to make for you

Because no matter what the outcome

It would still affect us too


For 21 years you were there with us

And part of our family

I wish that you could live forever

And be the kitty that you used to be


I can still see you standing at the door

Just like it was yesterday

So proud of what you had captured-

Sherlock -- I wish you could stay


I know the pain will go away

But right now it's never-ending

Someday I will think of you

And my heart - it will start mending


So for now Sherlock just know -

Our love for you will never cease

You'll always be in our family

Good-bye Sherlock - rest in peace


- Jennifer Vilardi




Sherlock Holmes