Sherry by Irene Taylor / Mam

My love just grew and grew from that very first day our eyes met, you looked up at me and seemed to say “please take me home with you” which of course I did. From that day forward we never parted, you were my shadow and now that you’re gone my heart feels empty without you by my side. That awful morning when your spirit left I wanted to go with you, how could I go on without my constant companion and dearest friend? You left when you knew my life was settled and somehow you knew I’d be alright, but you didn’t know how my heart would break without you there with me.

I look at the poems and the life over the rainbow bridge and now I pray you are there and happily having fun frolicking around with all the other pets. Some day we’ll be together again Sherry. I miss you every minute of every day, and you know I will always love you. Each day my heart goes on aching, ’till we meet again my beautiful faithful friend Sherry.


With all my love,
21, Aug 2005
Irene Taylor